Evidence is enough? Bongbong’s camp confident of winning poll protest sans recount

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos expressed his confidence to win the protest he filed over Vice President Leni Robredo.

Photo from Abante News Online
Bongbong spokesperson Vic Rodriguez ensures that they will win against Robredo’s filed case.

“To begin with, we have no plans of stealing something that we obviously won to begin with. It is our position that BBM won the vice presidential race and had it not been for the systematic fraud and unprecedented maneuverings committed on the day of the elections, he should have been the one proclaimed,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

“This is the reason why we have filed the Election Protest, which the Presidential Electoral Tribunal had found sufficient in form and substance. It is our position that the evidence we will be presenting would clearly and convincingly show that BBM won the vice presidential race,” he added.

“May we remind Mrs. Robredo and her lawyers that a recount is still a long way to go in BBM’s Election Protest,” he said.

“Also, a recount is not indispensable for BBM to win his case. A recount may or may not be conducted in the course of his Election Protest depending on the weight of the evidence presented,” Rodriguez added.

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Source: politics.com.ph

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  1. All my hopes will crash down like a sand castle if D30 will do this. I cannot accept another Marcos until the billions of dollars of funds had been returned to the country. Bloody hell M family knows it.


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