Fariñas says De Lima’s sins deserve this kind of scrutiny

According to House Majority Floor Leader Rudy Farinas, Senator Leila De Lima deserve this kind of scrutiny.

Photo from Rappler
Farinas quickly response to criticism over questioning Ronnie Dayan in the House Justice panel hearing.

“Enough with hypocrisy. She is a high-ranking national official. Let’s not deprive the people of the whole truth,” said Fariñas, who is lawyer.

“His romantic involvement with Leila de Lima had to be asked in order to test his credibility of being trusted by her for doing such task as receiving money from a person he didn’t know in a public parking lot,” Farinas added.

Ronnie Dayan and Senator Leila De Lima are accused of involvement of illegal drug trade in the country.

Last hearing, Dayan admitted to meeting up Kerwin Espinosa, a big time drug lord and received payoff five times and gave the money for Sen. De Lima.

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Source: Politiko

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