Hahanap ng Butas! Morales to continue investigation vs Duterte

On Friday, despite immunity of President Rodrigo Duterte, the investigation against him will continue to push by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio.

Photo from Philstar/Philippine News Link
Earlier, when Duterte was not yet elected as a president, Senator Antonio Trillanes filed a plunder case against him.

He accused the president of hiring ghost employees at the Davao City Hall.

"Under the law, even if a person has immunity or even if he is impeachable, you still continue the investigation for purposes whether there is misconduct which can be a basis of impeachment---if it amounts to the grounds for impeachment under the constitution," Morales said.

Reporter asked the ombudsman if they will continue to investigate extra-judicial killings.

"We don't discount any possibility that we'll spare him or indict him. We are talking about possibilities. There are many possibilities,” she said.

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