Hontiveros Lambasted Duterte for Jokingly Butt-Spanking

Senator Risa Hontiveros criticizes President Rodrigo Duterte after he recalled spanking the rear of female cops jokingly.

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According to Hontiveros, the president act is not appropriate and it is very alarming.

President Duterte made his speech in San Beda College of Law, he said, "Ako palabiro ako e. Pati iyang mga babaeng pulis, pinaghahampas ko iyan, iyung pwet, ginaganoon ko. Diyan sa Malacañang, 'pag mainit ulo ko, dala ko folder ko, isa ka pa."

Senator Hontiveros quickly criticise President Duterte statements saying his action contribute to a culture of misogyny, sexism and rape.

 “This quotation is alarming on so many levels, even as the Palace spokespersons will explain this, as they have done in the past, that this is a harmless joke.” She said.

“And I feel this personally not because we have some PNP women personnel here with us, but because I’m a PNP widow myself… If we were to review the country’s anti-sexual harassment law, an incident such as this can… An ordinary workplace would most probably trigger the filing of sex harassment charge against the person.”

“Fellow women, friends and advocates, this is the kind of climate we Filipino women are contending with right now. We live in a period where the culture of rape, sexual harassment and male sexual violence is prevalent, made worse by the dishonorable behavior of some of our elected national leaders who lend their voices to the gross blatant objectification of all women.”

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