Hontiveros on Marcos hero’s burial: Supreme Court broke our hearts

On Tuesday, Senator Risa hontiveros expressed his disappointment to Supreme Court for Ferdinand Marcos hero’s burial.

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“Effectively wipe the Marcos slate clean and negate the sacrifices of the thousands of brave souls who fought and suffered under the brutal Marcos dictatorship.” Hontiveros said

“The Supreme Court has failed miserably the test of history band broken our hearts. By allowing the remains of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the high tribunal has failed to protect the truth from the Marcoses’ fictional universe,” she added.

“It also aims to contravene the core policy and historical basis of our 1987 constitution, which was drafted to reject martial law. This decision undermined existing laws such as the Human Rights Victims and Reparation Act of 2013 aimed to provide full and effective reparation to the victims of martial law and recognition of the abuses that took place,” she added.

“I call on the President I ask him to rise above his indebtedness and loyalty to the Marcos family. If at all that he received money from the Marcoses for his presidential bid, President Duterte has no right to return such favors with the history and the dignity of the Filipino people,” the Senator said.

“President Duterte is at a critical juncture in history. He could either stand up for truth and justice or submit himself as an instrument to the dictator family’s desperate attempt to rewrite history and clear their name. I urge the President to choose well,” Hontiveros added.

“No tombstone, no grandiose cemetery can change the fact that Marcos was not a hero. He was a plunderer, torturer and a thief with a family seeking to rewrote history to serve their interests. It is our duty to stand against this travesty and say—never again. Only then can we look back to the past with pride, and future with hope. Let us not fail the test of history,” she added.

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  1. so what HONTIVEROS...are you the only one who's got a heart? the millions of Marcos followers also got hearts. Move on, as if you were affected so much of the Martial Law...you were just still an innocent looking goodie two shoes teenager during Martial Law who was a budding singer in musical, what has the Marcoses done to you to feel so bitter...move on and let the country heal instead of breaking them apart.


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