How to be a leader of the world: Duterte says Peru trip was productive

President Rodrigo Duterte in his official trip to the Asia Pacific Economic Country summit in Peru, the president describe as very productive trip.

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“I’d like just to give one statement that the APEC here in Peru was productive and informative for all of us,” Duterte said.

“For example, like me who is a first-timer in this kind of international convention. Many things to be learned and from there, many things to do. So, hindi ko man masabi lahat but as we go along in my governance maybe I’d expound on it more often in my talks back home,” he said.

“More or less I said, you have the information and the things that you have to do to improve on everything: climate change, mitigation and all, resilient crops, sharing of technology, for example, is very important,” Duterte said.

“And Russia, China, were the most eager countries to invite and Vietnam. They are ready to share new technologies and the mitigation. And most of all in the Southeast Asian rim,” he said.

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