Kahit isang taon pa ang rally! Duterte won’t stop protests vs. Marcos hero’s burial

Speaking in Zamboanga, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that he has no plan to stop protesters over burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Photo from Sun.Star
“Dito naman sa uso man, may Yellow Movement man on the 30th. I say, I still give the guarantee. You can freely demonstrate anything you want, anything at all,” he said.

According to President Duterte, the proterters can continue to rally as long as they like to stay even if it a year.

“Pagsabi mong you want to demonstrate for one week, fine. One month, still okay. One year yeah, walang problema,” he said.

President Duterte won’t stop them, but as a simple condition, the rally is done in an open public space and make sure that nothing will hurt.

The media told to president that the rally was attendees college students, and the president said, “Like I said, I may disagree by what you say but I will defend your right to say it.”

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Source: Politiko

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