Lagman to Marcos remains: Hukayin niyo yan!

Albay Representative Edcel lagman expressed his frustration for late president Ferdinand Marcos buried at the Libingan ng mga bayani, and he wants to digging out the remains of Marcos.

Photo from politics/rappler

“We will file a motion to exhume and motion for contempt. This is a deceptive, devious, underhand, abusive tactic that they did before and are still doing until now,” lagman said.

According to Lagman, the burial order was not yet the final decision of Supreme Court.

“We still have until November 28 to file a motion for reconsideration (MR). Our MR is yet to be resolved, we have 15 days to appeal after we received the ruling.

“The respondents cannot take any action pending the resolution of the case. The decision is not yet final. This is premature,” stressed Lagman.

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  1. gonggong itong matanda to/nilibing n nga hukayin mo pa..cge ka mumultuhin ka nyan...tulog tulog kc kayo sa pansitan..hayun nalusutan hehehe...peace

  2. Tignan nyo mukha ni lagman parang bandido...Kc isa syang NPA noon ang matandang ito.


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