Leni rumors pregnant from a married congressman!

In a Facebook page Thinking Pinoy, spreading the rumors that Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo is pregnant from a married congressman.

Photo from politiko
“A source said a soup kitchen owner’s got a bun in the oven after getting hit by a holy bullet. #DaWho”

A lot of netizen reacted from the rumors spreading and guess it was Vice president Robredo.

Leni is the widow of Jesse Robredo, the DILG secretary who died in a plane crash.

Meanwhile, Robredo quickly respond about the rumor.”Ako kasi ayoko na patulan eh. Ayoko na 
patulan parang insult naman yata iyon. Nakakatawa siya, pero at the same time, parang insult na iyon sa ating malaht na kababaihan.”

According to her spokesperson Georgina Hernandez statement, she said,”We were warned about these well-funded and well-orchestrated attacks to malign the vice president. The demolition campaign has begun. And the next logistical question is: who is behind it?”

“We have complete trust in the Filipino’s ability to discern fact from fiction, and steer clear of false news. Websites that masquerade as news sources have been fabricating these rumors, which are then spread by troll armies.”

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  1. Why so defensive?....as far as i know...no name was mentioned in that blind item....did the arrow hit the target?....lol


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