Madaming Pasabog! Kerwin is ‘missing piece in drug trade puzzle’

According to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa that Kerwin Espinosa is like the “missing piece of the puzzle” who could identify high-profile were involved in illegal drugs in the country.

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Dela Rosa gives Kerwin a heavy security from the time that he was arrested in Abu Dhabi until he was arrived in the Philippines to turning him into state witness for involvement of ranking government officials in illegal drugs.

“Kerwin is like the missing link. He is like the missing piece of the puzzle. Gano’n kalahaga ‘yung kanyang papel. Marami siyang mai-ko-connect,” Dela Rosa said.

“Akala natin hindi pala ganito but with his presence mako-confirm natin na ganito pala. ‘Yan pala siya. Akala natin hindi siya gano’n pero sasabihin ni Kerwin, maco-confirm natin na siya pala ‘yon. Things like that,” he said.

The reporter asked if those Kerwin identify will included Senator Leila de Lima.

“Aabot sa gano’ng level depende sa affidavit niya. But initially may sinabi na si Kerwin. Just don’t put those words in my mouth. Basta mataas ‘yung aabutin,” he said.


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