OMG! De Lima can’t believe Kerwin knows Dayan

At the Senate hearing on Tuesday, Senator Leila de Lima can’t believe that Kerwin Espinosa knows her former driver and lover Ronnie Dayan.

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“Oh my goodness, gracious. So nili-link na naman nila kay Dayan. Dati tingnan nyo siguro yung supposedly affidavit ni Mayor Espinosa. Di ko nabasa yun, but did they ever mention Ronnie Dayan before? Ngayon na lang nila kinakabit na naman,” she said.

According to Senator Manny Pacquiao, during their conversation last week with Kerwin, he revealed that Espinosa gives 8 million to Sen. De Lima.

De Lima said that they doing the accusation to shame her, especially after she claimed that she had affairs with Ronnie Dayan.

“Ang ganyang mga moves nila. Ang ano na naman niya, pahihiyain ako,” De Lima said.

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