Open letter of Lawyer slams DU30's critics: You will always remain to be a bunch of Pu$$y Konyo Kids.”

In a Facebook post, Ahmedy Paglinawan, a lawyer, expressed her angry against anti-Duterte who were saying that the vocal supporter of president call them as “Duterte Apologist”

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Read his full post below:

“I don’t feel insulted about being called a Duterte apologist. Really, I don’t mind.”

“After all, apologists, in the ancient Greek tradition, were the ones who had more brains than their audience, including the ones they were apologizing for. But I’ll be damned if I’m letting it pass just like that. So listen you stupid freaks, because I will summarize to you who you are. And until you move on from being this way, you will always remain to be a bunch of Pu$$y Konyo Kids.”

He dismissed the Duterte critics as bunches of whiners whose complaints have no legal basis to warrant an impeachment proceedings, much less a revolution.

“You people have been saying virtually nothing meaningful from the moment Duterte declared his candidacy until this very day. You have never shown a single evidence of an illegal act or implemented government policy attributable to Duterte and his government. Neither have you any proof that Duterte plundered the treasury of this nation. Nor have you any basis to even squeak about his sleeping around or gambling with your money. Nothing that even remotely translates to a sound legal basis for impeachment proceedings, much less a revolution.”

"You nitpick on every thing he does all the while ignoring the undeniable tangible products of his government’s actions. You say he orders the mass murder of addicts and drug pushers, yet you really cannot pin any of the deaths on him, solidly enough to support proof beyond reasonable doubt. You want the deaths to stop? Focus on those who actually do the killings. Try that and you’ll see Duterte is also at the heels of those people as much as you are. Don’t kill a tree just because it keeps shedding leaves into your front yard."

"There is nary good sense nor shadow of intelligence in your protestations. In fact you seem to me and to the rest of the world simply prejudiced against him because he acts like a punk. Yes, he is a punk. He is the punk the majority elected. He is the punk who is fixing your country. The same country your ilk and political patron saints so shamelessly raped and pillaged through the years. And you threaten his government with people power revolution. What revolution can you even conjure when all you do is whine and tantrum like so many champagne and caviar party bitches?"

"No, I’m no apologist, no matter how much you insist on it. I am a taunter. I am taunting you to talk some fucking sense. Show me something substantial. Something substantive. Because I too want change. I too want a revolution. And the only revolution I foresee with you on my side is a botox party of little chicks with flawless skin and impeccable grammar. A bunch of little pu$$y things who are too lazy to think of a reason to rebel, let alone pick up guns to kill the enemies."

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