Paksman! Cross my heart: Andanar says Duterte didn’t snub Kris Quinio

According to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar that President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t snub TV host Kris Aquino in an interview last Friday.

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“There was no intention to snub Kris Aquino. Again, ulitin ko po: The alter ego of the President at the Department of Trade and Industry, Secretary Mon Lopez is there, he’s the one who spoke on behalf of the President. Kris Aquino was there. Joey Concepcion was there. Government agencies that are responsible to cover the President were present,” Andanar said.

According to President Duterte, he explained why he was not being able to attend the event.

“I was, or I am very very late because I had to go to a place where we had a hard time negotiating pababa. It was raining very hard in the mountains and you could just not, ah, make it on time. If you want to make it faster than baka hindi na aabot dito sa gabing ito.” Duterte said.

Andanar said that President Duterte have no intention to snub Kris Aquino, and still there are possible to push the interview soon.

“The planned interview with Kris Aquino was on the board at least a month before pa. It was the project of, it is the project of Joey Concepcion and Go Negosyo. And, I’m aware of the plans,” said Andanar.

“I asked the Special Assistant to the President, Bong Go, about the ano, about the President’s plan also, if he’s attending or not.And, alam namin that the President was attending. That’s why the entire Presidential Communications Office contingent was present during the event. It just so happened that the President did not make it, ” he added.


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