Petitioner to Mocha Uson: Use your Page wisely and responsibly, don’t distort facts.

“She has all the freedom to write her opinion and share it to the media. But to write things to distort facts or to condition the mind of the public? It is no longer, I believe, protected by the freedom of expression,” Paul Quilet told in an e-mail interview.

Photo from Philippine News Feed

Recently, Paul Quilet Facebook account was reported to the social networking site.

“Yes, after a day of being suspended, it was restored automatically,” he said.

“There are online blogs claiming that Facebook opted to suspend my account because of the petition. I would like to clear that my account was suspended because someone reported me on Facebook, apparently a basher, citing that I have allegedly shared indecent photos. Both claims, unfortunately, are far from the truth,” he added.

Meanwile, in an interview to Mocha Uson called the petitioner who wants to remove her Facebook page as “hypocrisy at its finest.”

“Shocked kasi sino ka para pa-shut down ’yung Facebook ko? Galit kayo sa dictatorship pero ’yung nag-petition and ’yung mga nag-sign ng petition na ’yun, you’re acting like dictators. Sabi nga, hypocrisy at its finest,” she said.

“I would like to thank them for making the Mocha Uson Blog more popular. Since the petition, mas dumami po ’yung ‘likes’ kaya (it gained more ‘likes’, so) thank you for this,” she said.
Asked Quilet why he initiated the petition, he said that he was already frustrated with the fake news in social media.

“I filed the petition mainly because of my frustration with how fake news proliferate in different social media sites/platforms and how these bloggers/social media users, like Mocha Uson, use their sites to cultivate the culture of misinformation,” he said.

“I don’t think shutting down her Facebook page will completely silence her. She’s a celebrity. She has a number of connections and Facebook is not the only venue [wherein] one can exercise free speech. It may disconnect her to her target audience and millions of followers but not totally depriving her of her right to freely express,” he said.

“The freedom of speech, although placed on an exalted position in our society, can never cure false and misleading information,” Quilet added.

Acoording to Quilet, since he initiated the petition, he has received threats and bashing through online.


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