President Duterte sinupalpal ang bastos na journalist dahil sa tanong na hindi naman importante.

President Rodrigo Duterte before his departure for official visit in Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, he lectured another journalist.

The President asked by journalist about his comment to Vice President Leni Robredo’s knee was necessary.

The President quickly said,” Tuhod lang? Yes, I said she’s wearing skirt. Yung tuhod walang ano [gasgas] sabi ko hindi nagsisimba to. That is appropriate, as a matter of fact it is good. So where’s the problem there, why it is an issue? sexist, slur? andyan nanaman ang media”

Meanwhile, President Duterte expressed his disappointment over the government employee delaying the housing projects for the Typhoon Yolanda victims.

“I was angry yesterday because after 42B sa NHA and after 30B sa DSSD[DSWD] di kami dyan ah bago lang kami pumasok, ang naka occupy palang 4,000 kaya ako nag[biro] to break the ice yun ang ginawa ko.” President Duterte added.

“You want’ to depict me as bastos? You can, have your day” President Duterte told the journalist.

“And just to point out something there, you make a big issue about [President Duterte pointed out his knee] tuhod. Is that the trivialities of media? It’s so trivial”

“Yan ang media eh,naghahanap na parang ipicture ka na bastos” President Duterte said.

                                                              Video from RTVMalacanang

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