President Duterte on nuclear energy: Not during my presidency

In an interview to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his concerned saying not using nuclear energy to bring down power costs in his country.

Photo from Philstar

"Not maybe during my presidency. Huwag muna ngayon kasi we have to come up with safeguards. Really, really tight safeguards to assure that there will be no disasters if there is a nuclear leak or explosion somewhere in the nuclear reactors that we will build," Duterte said.
According to Duterte the Philippines has still enough power supply and need to come up with a study whether or not the Philippines would really need nuclear energy.

"It has to be studied carefully by Congress and by the Filipino people. For after all, pag may leak ‘yan, lahat tayo tatamaan diyan," he said,

"Wala pa talaga tayo danger zone that we will die if there’s no energy because it runs the machines. Lahat ng nakikita mo, langis ‘yan. Ilaw, lahat ‘yan, lahat ito. Hindi ito nagagawa kung walang semento, pati, lahat. But we are not in that danger. But when the going gets tough, maybe someday," he mulled.


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