Pro-Duterte, pro-Marcos group to counter anti-Marcos rally

Friday at the Luneta, supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte and late president Ferdinand Marcos appear to counter the anti-Marcos rally in Luneta.

Photo from gmanetwork
The group supporting Duterte and Marcos asked the people to join them to bring photos of the two presidents.

According to Duterte youth chairman Ronald Cardema, the group was expecting between 500 to 1,000 people were joined and expecting to have more.

"Talagang sasabay kami para ipakita ang suporta namin kay President Duterte. Kahit mas marami sila, maipakita na kahit paano may youth group supporting the President," Cardema said.

"We're ready to stand and ready to defend the President," he added.

Cardema claimed that Marcos was deserves to be buried at the LNMB because he was our president and as a war veteran.

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