Pulbusin na yan! Richard Gomez appeals to Duterte to wipe out narco-cops

Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez asked President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa to clean up the policemen were protecting drug lords in the country.

Photo from politics.com.ph

“Mr. President and PNP Chief Bato, if your fight and crusade is to wipe out the problem of drugs in the country you should also wipe out these case bungling cops,” Gomez wrote in his Facebook.

“If there are EJK for druglords there should also be the same EJK for police men who muddle drug cases and destroying the peace of the innocent,” said Gomez.

Mayor Gomez, filed a complaint over policemen who accused him being part of slain Mayor Rolando Espino inside his cell.

Gomez has quickly denied the accusation to him.

Source: politics.com.ph

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