Ronnie Dayan’s legal wife 'Norilyn' still ‘shocked,’ raring to talk

Ronnie Palisoc-Dayan’s legal wife, Norilyn Dayan, still shocked about the revealed relationship of her husband with Senator Leila de Lima.

Photo from Manila Times
Ronnie Dayan, after testifying against Sen. De Lima at the House Inquiry, Dayan’s wife Norilyn and daughter Hanna Mae returned to the home with Ronnie sent to a safe house in Pangasinan.

According to female cousin of Ronnie, Norilyn was still shocked about the revelations of Ronnie during the hearing.

Dayan, in his statements, he claimed that he received money from the big time drug lord Kerwin Espinosa and gives to Sen. De Lima.

There was a women who were entertained by the writer saying, “There will be a time when Norilyn will invite media for a press conference in order to give her comments about the seven-year relationship between her husband and Senator de Lima which was admitted by Ronnie, but this is not the time, so please just wait for our invitation.”

She said that Norilyn and daughter Hanna Mae willing to talk to media and give their reactions about the controversial issue of Ronnie and De Lima.

Earlier, the elder sister of Ronnie, Elmita Dayan-Torreta claimed that they are aware of the relationship between Ronnie and Leila.

Torreta admitted that Sen. De Lima partly financed at the so-called ‘White House’ of Ronnie Dayan.

After Norilyn discovered their relationship, Dayan advised her and his siblings to keep quite and move to Negros Occidental, the hometown of Norilyn.

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