Sen. Sotto expresses his disapproval to Trillanes for referring some senators as Duterte ‘apologists’

On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III expresses his anger and disapproval to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after his statements for referring some colleagues as apologists of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Photo from Politiko

“The term apologists is uncalled for dahil pwedeng a senator is merely airing his opinion. Ang sabi nga, ‘to each his own’ Walang pakialamanan ng opinion,” Sotto said.

According to Senator Trillanes statements that more than 10 senators are unhappy with president Duterte presidency, but senator Sotto said that he was unaware on Trillanes accuse.

“I don’t know where he got his count but that’s his opinion so let him say what he wants,” Sotto said

Meanwhile, Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito said, “senators should be speaking for themselves.” He said.

Sherwin Gatchlian, a neophyte senator, saying President Duterte’s high approval and trust ratings.

"That means the people are quite satisfied with his performance and they trust him,” Gatchalian said


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