Simple pero swabe! Andanar shares how Duterte, Reagan are alike

According to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar that President Rodrigo Duterte and the late United States President Ronald Reagan are alike.

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Andanar said that they are both effective when it comes to communicators and also both direct to the point, even if it means frequently using expletives.

“Rodrigo Duterte is much like Ronald Reagan. No one expects him to deliver an earth-shaking treatise on the human condition. If ever he does that, it will not click. He might as well deliver that treatise in Latin. It is simply not him. People will be incredulous,” the chief of the Presidential Communications Office said.

“Yet, he communicates. He bonds with his audience. He leads by his mouth. He speaks and the people follow. He galvanizes the nation without the help of a speech writer. This is the truly startling thing,” Andanar said.

“Sometimes the credibility of his speech is so powerful it is chilling. When he makes one of his really dry jokes—such as getting instructions from God to clean up his language—many take him literally. When he misspeaks on something or another, his audience thinks he has an insight or a strategy several layers deep and imperceptible to the ordinary mind.” Andanar referring to Duterte’s speeches.

“Like Reagan, Mr. Duterte communicates so effectively he is able to lead by what he says. Both of them speak in the simplest way, without adornment and without the words of someone else,” Andanar added.

“It is the pure spontaneity that gives his words the power they have. That is because people basically trust the man. People see the sincerity. People know what they hear is what they get,” he said.

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