Vladimir Putin complains about ‘short’ period of Russia, Philippines ties

During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Meeting in Peru, Russian President Vladimir Putin was congratulate Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for his victory last May 9 election.

Photo from politics.com.ph
“Your Excellency, Mr. President, your colleagues and friends, we first of all cordially welcome you. It’s my pleasure to meet you. Mr. President, in the presidential election in your country was held on the 9th of May for us it is indeed a very bright day, public holiday that marks the victory in the great patriotic war over the Nazis group. For you, it has been your personal victory so once again congratulations, Mr. President,” said Putin.

“It is my pleasure to have a chance to speak to you and your colleagues about developing our bilaterals.”

Philippine President Duterte claimed that why Philippine country has not be able to develop deeper relationship with Russia.

“We’ve been longing to be part also of — despite the distance. We’ve been longing to be part of Europe especially in commerce and trade around the world. But there was one thing that really stood before us and that was the result of Cold War. And historically, I have been identified with the Western world,” said Duterte.

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Source: politics.com.ph

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