Alleged Cabinet Member: VP Leni Was Ousted For Lack Cooperation With Yolanda Fund Investigation

Lawyer Evalyn Ursua, in her Facebook post, shared the reason behind the controversial issue of Vice President Leni Robredo resignation from the Cabinet of the Duterte administration.

Photo edited from Evalyn Ursua Facebook/Inquirer News
According to a ‘little bird’ contrary to what the people assumed was the reason for VP Robredo’s ‘firing’ was her stance against the burial of late president Ferdinand Marcos, well that was not the reason.

‘Little bird revealed that Robredo’s doesn’t want to cooperate with the investigation of Yolanda missing funds.

Ursua decided not to disclose her/his true identity, but some netizen assume that Ursua is probably one of the members of Duterte’s Cabinet.

Vice President Robredo has not yet gives her statements over the accusations of Ursua.

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