De Lima tells Duterte and Aguirre – Don’t Blame AMLC For Your Failure And Blunders

According to Sen. Leila De Lima, based on her experience as Justice Secretary from 2010 to 2015, the Anti-Money Laundering council led by Amando Tetango Jr. has always been cooperative.

Photo from Politiko
“We worked with the AMLC in many cases that resulted in productive investigations that even resulted in the freezing of assets of some of those subject of investigation or parties to cases filed in court. I have never known said office to be uncooperative,” said de Lima.

“If anything, I would say that they are very well-versed about their powers and the conditions under which such powers may be exercised in accordance with the laws of the land,” she said.

“In the past five and a half months, I have seen how little the Rule of Law is respected by certain incumbent officials. So, instead of commenting on the President’s accusation that the AMLC is uncooperative, I would ask the people to decide for themselves which is true: that the AMLC is uncooperative towards such a powerful official, or such powerful official is just playing fast and loose with the law that makes it difficult for the AMLC to give him what he demands?” she asked.

“As Charlie Chaplin once said, ‘Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people.’ Maybe this is a case where the President frees himself of fault, and burdens the AMLC for his and his men’s own shortcomings,” De Lima added.

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Source:  Politiko


  1. Oh shut up delima !!!

  2. Yes Delima, you are expert in twisting situations. You have proved that you are smart by painting diffirent pictures than the real one. But you know what, am not a moron nor most of the Filipinos are not. Your wit has been surpassed by many. Your days are numbered.


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