Duterte: Eliminating the drug menace comes with a cost

President Rodrigo Duterte during the awarding of outstanding Filipinos in Malacanang, he cited the costs of his deadly war against illegal drugs that made him successful mayor of Davao City for the past 23 years.

Photo from CNN Philippines
“But ako naman, napunta kayo ng Davao. It used to be a rusty, urban, rural area combination. But I… In the 23 years, nakita naman ninyo ang resulta ng pagod ko. At, Davao is something like, at one time, we reached nine percent growth, the highest in the country,” he said.

“And all of this is really because of the vision of the people of Davao City that they like a city that is peaceful, drug-free, trouble-free, freed from criminal lurking in the streets and everything,” he narrated.

“So that’s what I delivered in Davao. But, there are costs,” Duterte said.

“When Filipinos addicted to shabu surrendered to the police and to the barangay captains in droves, almost daily, like zombies, by the hundreds of thousands,” he said, adding that in that instance he knew that “I will have a problem managing the scourge.”

“First, it breaks down the family. Dysfunctional talaga lahat ‘yan. Magbugbog ng nanay, sinasampal. Patay, rape and all the evil things you can think of with a criminal mind, crazy mind,” he said.

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Source:  Politiko

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