Duterte says only dictator’s ashes were buried at LNMB

President Rodrigo Duterte, in s businemen forum in Malacanang, he confirmed that the body of late President Ferdinand Marcos kept at the museum in Ilocos Norte was only replica.

President Duterte said that only Marcos ashes were buried at the Libingan ng mga bayani.

“Marcos when he was buried in Hawaii, you know, the Americans were very strict with that, you cannot go around the law and preserve a body there it’s not allowed. You have to go inside the tomb. And Marcos when the time they got him out there, bring it to the Philippines, he’s just ashes. Or at the very least skeletal remains,” Duterte said.

“And by the time that he was buried there in Libingan ng Bayani, he’s just ashes,” he added.

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Source:  Politiko

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