Erwin Tulfo – Manong Digong Needs Moral Support Too

Photo from Erwin Tulfo Facebook


At age 71,Manong Digong is probably the most stressed senior citizen in the country today.
Aside from looking out for the welfare of over 100 million Filipinos, he has to make sure that the country has food, money, healthy, and in good relations with everyone.

It's like running a household pero marami lang miyembro na ibat' iba ang problema. At tulad sa isang pamilya, may mga anak na masunurin at meron din mga "black sheep" o yung mga suwail tulad ng mga adik, kawatan, at ayaw sa pamamalakad ng ama.

And its a common knowledge that Manong Digong goes to bed around 4 to 5 am everyday or until all the affairs of the state is settled or accomplished, which is unhealthy for a man of his age. Yet he never complains.

The only consolation he has is that, nasa likod niya ang labing anim na milyon bumoto sa kanya who is cheering him in his fight against drug and corruption.

But the stress is overwhelming. Kaya minsan mainit and ulo ng Pangulo but often cracks some jokes to relieve him from stress na kung minsan siniseryoso naman ng ilan (you know who). We all need to understand this man.

Believe it or not, before he shuts his eyes at night he prays for the country and asks the Almighty to help him make the difference, according to his partner Honeylett.

Kawawa din naman. It's a lonely world for the most powerful man in this country.

It's ok Manong Digong, we got your back :)

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