Former DILG chief to Duterte critics: Before calling PRRD a murderer, know the backstory first!

Former DILG Secretary Alunan in her Facebook post, he defended President Rodrigo Duterte from critics following he killed three kidnappers in the past.

Alunan shared the backstory behind the killings of the kidnappers that President Duterte claiming he killed.

“As Davao mayor and Chairman of his city's Peace and Order Council, the police were under his operational control. He joined them in certain operations like this one. As agents of the law, they are authorised to use deadly force when faced with armed resistance.”

“In this case, they were kidnappers. It was a rescue mission to save a life that was successful. The kidnapped girl is now a doctor. The criminals who fought it out lost theirs. Read the story.”

In the comment section, Alunan left a comment for the public, saying ”trouble is there are many out there who dont comprehend roles and responsibilities, never had any exposure to and experience in fighting crime; don't understand terminologies and jurisprudence; and haven't gotten into the habit of research and analysis. it's easier to parrot and criticize to the max without basis in the comfort of one's chair. because it's the chic thing to do.”

A netizen who identified Kumell M. joined the conversation saying, “Lol my father was a special police action team during the 90’s and they save give before who was hostage by an excape convict they killed the hostage taker in the process and the girl now was a doctor.”
Meanwhile, Charlie Freezer Asi wrote:

“The problem with mainstream media nowadays is lack of research or intentionally sensationalize words from Digong's mouth and some halatang twisted ang binabalita... sometimes it is true to think that mainstream media is a "PR" tool in destabilizing the government. it happen all over the world.”

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