Kris Aquino to VP Robredo - “This is not a time for fear”

Kris Aquino, a TV host and sister of former President Noynoy Aquino backs Vice President Leni Robredo for controversial issue she’s facing about being issued a resignation to Duterte administration.

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Kris was the biggest campaign contributor of Robredo in the last vice presidential elections.

Kris Aquino in her Intagram post, she expressed her support to VP Robredo saying, “I’ve purposely kept quiet about political issues BUT for her I will always be ready to make a stand. #LabanLeni,”

“This is not a time for fear, this is a time for conviction, it’s a time for courage.”

Meanwhile, VP Robredo in her pronouncement, she stands by her voice to against policies, such as death penalty, extrajudicial killings and abuse of women.

"We have fought this battle before—and won. We will never let anyone revise our history and twist it to turn evil into good.”

“We will continue to support policies and actions from this administration if we believe these are right and just and will benefit the last, the least, and the lost. If they don’t, we will not hesitate to dissent,” said Robredo.

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