Krizette Laureta Chu – International PR bodies attacking Duterte have nothing against OFW’s praising him

Well known writer, Krizette laureta Chu, in her Facebook post slams on International Public Relations companies who she accused were destabilizing President Rodrigo Duterte.

Chu said that there are millions of Filipino’s worldwide who support the President since he understands their struggles.

Read her full statement below:

Dear international PR companies hired to destabilize Duterte, you have nothing, none, NADA, zilch on our very own organic WORLDWIDE PR company called OFWS aka Overseas Filipino Workers.

For every trash you put out there, we have word of mouth marketing pushing this wonderful product named Duterte.

And any marketer worth his salt and his first viral campaign knows nothing is more effective than "word-of-mouth" advertising.

Case in point: I spent an hour and a half in freezing cold a few days ago talking to a couple named Noel and Aisa in Paris. Noel is undocumented but Aisa is. Both are rabid Duterte supporters. Aisa works for a French-English couple, and says, "Alam mo ba pinagtatawanan tayo dito dahil sa HUKAY issue na yan? HUHUKAYIN DAW ANG PATAY." I kept mum because Im anti Marcos, but I let her go on.

Anyway, she says that whenever her "amo" says something bad about Duterte, based on news amo sees in international news, Aisa comes out of her "helper lang ako" shell and corrects her: "Madam, you cannot say that because you do not know what it's like to live in the Philippines."

The last time Aisa went home a couple of years ago, ninakaw pa ang gamit nya na pampasalubong sa mga anak nya na ilang taon din nyang di nakasama, sa airport mismo ng Pilipinas. Nag reklamo si ateng, wala naman nagawa (o ginawa) ang mga awtoridad.

Dalawa lang sila sa milyon milyon na OFWs na mahal ang bansa natin, na umaasa pa rin na may babalikan silang Pilipinas na maayos. Matindi ang hirap nila, kaya kahit anong paninira ninyo kay Duterte, hindi yan matatapatan ng serbisyo na nabigay na--at nabibigay pa at mabibigay pa--para sa mga Pilipinong nagdurusa abroad dahil nilapastangan ng mga amo nyong destabilizers ang Pilipinas. Habang nagpapayaman sila ay pahirap ng pahirap ang Pilipino at napilitan makipag sapalaran sa ibang bansa.

Hindi tatalab ang galing ninyo sa international PR dahil mas magaling ang international PR namin. Libre pa.

Mabuhay ang manggagawang Pinoy!!!!


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