Miss Holt - Founders ng Foreign Policy Magazine, ka miyembro ni Loida Lewis sa CFR

Photo edited from Leix Valenciano Holt Facebook/Rappler

Huwag padadala sa award na yan na nakuha ni de Limao mula sa Foreign Policy Magazine. Ang isa sa mga founders ng magazine na iyan ay si Samuel Huntington na ka miembro ni Loida Nicolas-Lewis sa Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Ang current CEO at editor ng magazine ay si David Rothkopf na miyembro din ng CFR. Si Rothkopf ay nagsilbi ding managing director ng Kissinger Associates na binuo ng dating US Secretary of State na si Henry Kissinger na naakusahan ng napakaraming war crimes at crimes against humanity. Ayon sa isang diplomatic cable leak, ang CFR ay: "The Council on Foreign Relations has been the most powerful private organization in U.S. foreign policy since it began in 1921. While priding itself on non-partisanship and on recent efforts to recruit minorities, women, and youth (under 35), CFR's 3200 members mainly reflect the resources needed by the ruling class to maintain their power. Don't call them if you want to join; they call you. And don't wait for a call unless you have big money, national security expertise, CIA experience, a political constituency, or clout with the media. CFR publishes the prestigious journal "Foreign Affairs" as well as a number of books and reports. Another major activity is to organize closed meetings for their members with assorted world leaders. Everyone feels free to share views and information about current world events, primarily because CFR has strict confidentiality rules and keeps its records locked up for 25 years."

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