President Duterte assures BPOs: I’m pro-business

During the business forum in Malacanang, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that his administration will honor contractual obligations, fight corruption, and allow business under a free market environment.

A representative from BPO industry asked about the stability of BPO’s amid changes in policies of Duterte administration.

“Forget your fears. This is a democracy. We follow the free enterprise. There would be changes, there would be changes for the better, not to kill businesses,” President Duterte said as a response.

“You can stop worrying, it’s actually a product of the other side. They would like to create an economic situation whereby there would be a tilt of balance there somewhere and destroy the economy and blame it on me,” he added.

“I am a lawyer and I believe in free enterprise, I believe in democracy that’s why I ran for President. I’m duty-bound by the Constitution. And about the outsourcing there, I would even guarantee to you that the Philippines would honor its contractual obligations,” he further said.

President Duterte assured investors that there will be no corruption, and he encouraged them to invest more money in the country.

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Source:  Politiko

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