President Duterte explains why he’s not a Marcos’ lapdog

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that his critics were mindless fools for labelling him a Marcos lapdog just because he gives his supports for Gov. Imee Marcos during his presidential campaign.

Photo from Politiko
According to President Duterte, he support Imee because it’s just part of his building alliances to form a national network for his campaign.

“Ang suporta ko dito, Imee Marcos. Pero hindi ako bata ng Marcos ha. [laughter] Ang tatay ko, ang tatay ko noon governor ng Davao. When Marcos won for the first time, he took in my father as one of his Cabinet member,” said Duterte.

“Eh sila eh bugokski, hindi naman nila alam kung ang istorya ng—Basta sulat nang sulat lang, bata ni Marcos. Hindi ako bata—kaya lang out of, you know, ‘yung alliances. Saan man ako mamili rin ng Presidente?” said Duterte.

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Source:  Politiko

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