Rocky Gonzales: Leni Robredo’s win far worse than 30-yr-coming burial of Marcos in LNMB

Rocky Gonzales, wrote an article for Vice President Leni Robredo controversial win as a Vice President last election, saying, “Sympathy voters for Leni Robredo are now reeling from the heavy burden of regret.”

Photo from Rocky Gonzales Facebook/DZAR 1026
He also mentioned that Vice President Robredo should resign and vacate her seat in the cabinet because the country deserves a chairperson who actually works.

He also said the Robrero are more interested attending parties, hosting events and getting on the cover of magazines then she should replace Kris Aquino instead.

Read the full message below:

Sympathy voters for Leni Robredo are now reeling from the heavy burden of regret. Each vote for her is like having cast the hopes and the aspirations for a better country into a gaping hole or a vacuum of calloused insensitivity bedazzled with the flickering lights of the paparazzi at her social appearances in parties and on glossy magazine covers. The visuals of it are ghastly and gruesome, too much for the faint of heart. This is what Shakespeare would describe as a “canker blossom”.

The suffering of the poor caused by poverty which she so astutely pointed out are still suffering. The victims of misogyny and sexual harassment are further victimized as she shields a sexual predator party mate. But, the homeless Yolanda victims have permanent housing in spite of her. The only logical conclusion here is that she is a hindrance to positive change and to justice.

People voted for her because she rode public transportation (which we now see includes flights to parties in Japan and America. Who are paying for those?), claimed an undying love for her deceased husband (which we now see does not preclude her feelings or maybe just her hair, her shoulders, her chin from being touched by another. Is this why she stopped the investigations on Jesse Robredo’s death?), and presented herself as the anti-Marcos (which we clearly see is a smokescreen to mask the fact that she has nothing to contribute to the betterment of our country).

Leni Robredo should resign. She should vacate her seat in the cabinet not because of her anti-Marcos sentiment but because the Philippines deserves a chairperson of the HUDCC who actually works. Since she is more interested in attending parties, hosting events and getting on the cover of magazines, she should replace Kris Aquino instead.

This is wishful thinking.

So when the ballots are recounted, it is quintessential that no one sleep, not even blink. For Leni Robredo’s win is far worse than the 30-year-coming burial of Ferdinand E. Marcos in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. She stole the hope of the Filipinos for hope for change, for peace and for prosperity in the blink of an eye like the proverbial thief in the night.

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