San Beda’s Dean Fr. Aquino advises Duterte Against Alienating US for China

According to San Beda College of Law dean Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, it is better that President Rodrigo Duterte should stick with long-time ally United States over China who's motives and commitment have yet to be proven.

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“You do not shrug off American hegemony by taking on another one, and if you are to choose partners, it still is the wiser thing to do to go with one who has spent some time with you rather than with one with whom you have had nothing more than the political equivalent of a one-night stand,” he said.

“If the President means that, for now, we will not demand of China its compliance with the dispositions of the judgment, that is a matter of strategy and policy that the Constitution entrusts to the navigating skills of the President. But if he means to renounce the claims of the Republic of the Philippines, that is quite another matter—and something that no president really has the authority to do,” he said.

Aquino expressed his disappointment over President Duterte’s pronouncement that the country could survive without US aid.

“About that, I really would like to read statistics: How much do we receive? How much can be made up for with our own resources? How much is forthcoming from other friends (or opportunists)? I have not seen these figures and in international relations; ill-informed conceits can be very dangerous!” he said.

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