San Beda’s Tony La Viña: Don’t compare Cardinal Tagle to Cardinal Sin

According to San Beda College of Law professor Tony la vina, there is no reason to wish Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will be like the late Jaime Cardinal Sin in responding the drug-related killings in the Philippines.

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He said that it is not right to compare Tagle with Sin because “the times are different and both the country and the Church have changed.”

“Personally, for what we are facing now I prefer less political Church leaders and more pastors in our bishops,” he said.

Going back in 1986, during the people power 1 revolution, Sin was an outspoken critic of Martial Law.

Sin called on Filipinos to protect then-military vice chief of staff Fidel Ramos, who had broken away from late president Ferdinand Marcos.

Sin also backed the ouster of former president Joseph Estrada.

"Applied to what is happening around us, perhaps what we need now is not just a vocal Catholic Church but also a pastoral one, a Church that is present, as Joseph was to Mary and Jesus,” he said.

“What we need is less a condemnatory Church but one that offered consolation and protection to its faithful, as Saint Joseph gave to his family. A guardian and a sanctuary for a Church is what the people of God needs at this time,” La Viña added.”

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Source:  Politiko

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