Sandra Cam Lambasted De Lima: Pumatol Sa Bodyguard-driver. Disente Ako Di Gaya Mo!

Former whistleblower Sandra Cam lambasted Senator Leila de Lima when she ordered Cam to sit down during Senate hearing.

Photo from Twitter/Inquirernews
Miss Cam slams De Lima after the latter raised her voice and said she was more decent women compared to her.

“Hindi ako senadora, secretary of justice na pumatol sa bodyguard-driver. Di ako ganyan Leila. Disente ako di gaya mo,” she said.

“I [am] warning her not to raise her voice because I don’t care [kung] makulong ako, ma-contempt ako lalabanan ko yan dahil hindi naman yan disenteng babae.” She added.

That scene happened when Senator De Lima seen miss Cam standing while the senator asking PNP chief Dela Rosa to name the officials who ordered him to reinstate Supt. Marvin Marcos.

To answer De Lima’s question, miss Cam was willing to be a resource person.

“May I ask that lady (Cam) to sit down. She is not part of this. She’s not a resource person. Please ask her to sit down. That’s out of order!” De Lima said.

Miss Cam was among who fetch Kerwin Espinosa at Abu Dhabi.

“Well pinipilit niya (De Lima) chief PNP sino sumundo so pinangalanan ako, so tumayo ako. Gusto ko i-request mo paupuin ako as a resource person para lahat gusto mo malaman ibibigay ko,” Cam said.

“Kinekwestyon niya (De Lima) [ang] aking presence, para malaman niya, it was Sandra Cam who tipped police para ma-arrest ang isang drug lord,” she said.

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Source: abs-cbn news

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