Aguirre dares De Lima to debunk ‘kill Jaybee’ links

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II dares Senator Leila De Lima to show proof that there is no truth to the allegation against her.

“As a lawyer, and a Bar placer at that, Senator De Lima should know that cases are won or lost on the strength or weakness of the evidence presented,” stressed Aguirre.

Meanwhile, De Lima and Sen. Trillanes IV were accused as the masterminds for stabbing Jaybee Sebastian inside his jail.

“Name-calling is definitely not evidence, it is not admissible in any court. Instead of focusing on me, why not focus on defending herself in the many cases she is facing,” Aguirre said.

“Where are her pieces of evidence in support of her denials? Denials without supporting evidence is a weak defense, a very weak defense,” Aguirre pointed out.


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Source:  Politiko

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