Andanar dares Loida Nicolas-Lewis: Why don’t you go home and tell us you problem?

In an interview of Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, he dares Loida Nicolas-Lewis to go home in the Philippines to air her gripes vs President Rodrigo Duterte instead of plotting the ouster in the United States.

Photo edited from Youtube/Politiko
“The fact is if Ms. Lewis has some issues with this government, why don’t she just come here… and go back to Manila, go home to the Philippines. Malacañang is open to you, we can talk to you, and tell us your beef against this government,” he said.

According to Andanar, Lewis keeps on stoking a fire for people to go against the administration just because her preffered candidate for president, Mar Roxas, lost.

“There was an audience and then she wrote something good and now, then she says one thing, she says another thing. Kaplastikan eh.” Andanar recalling President Duterte and Loida Lewis meeting in Davao after the presidential race.


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Source:  Politiko

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