Canadian Politician Amir to Leila - You and your criminal friends sooner or later will join them

Canadian politician and commentator named Amir Assadollahi lambasted Senator Leila de Lima after claiming that she prioritizing a probe on jail congestion.

The Canadian said that De Lima is no position to talk about the issue because she and her politician fellow corrupt politician and business allies are behind this to suffice their hunger towards money.

The Canadian also said that sooner or later, De Lima will join the inmates because her shadow is now haunting her.

Read his full post below:

"Madam Senator De Lima, you are in no position to talk about jail congestion. Do you know why? Because the cause of all that is you and your gangster friends and your fellow corrupt political and business allies whom all made sure to gain profit from the suffering of the people in your country. Why should there be so many criminals? What were you doing when you were the Secretary of Justice (or was it just a name and tittle for you to have), what were you doing as the Commissioner of Human Rights when all those criminals killing, raping, stealing, selling drugs and forcing the kids to prostitution? Where you there to protect the Human Rights of kids, elderly and poor in slums in the Philippines? Did you enjoy having fun with your married driver while he was delivering drug money for you?

"You are full of hot air. Loud, shameless, manipulative, a criminal sociopath with no regards for human life, and your only concern is bunch of rapist, gangsters and criminals who you and your friends created.

"As the saying goes, "don't do the crime if you can't do the time." They did the crime, and now they have to pay for it. Some of them will have to receive the capital punishment in due time, some of them will have to serve the society to fix what they broke and pay for the meals and shelter (though might be congested) they receive, and some of them will come forward and point the finger at you and your friends.

"You and your criminal friends sooner or later will join them - that is written in the destiny you created yourself, and I told you months ago about what you have to do and what will happen, but you still think you can get away with all you have done. I am sorry to say that to you again, but the time is running out for you and your friends. Your bosses are getting very nervous in feeling there could be complications as you have not been able to deliver what they thought they could, and so you are a ticking time bomb for them - you still have time to surrender yourself to your President and ask for his protection and testify against all your network - you are sitting on a hot seat, and you can't remove that seat and you can't hide it. Everything is pointing at you, and you can't distract all those observers."

"Amir Assadollahi

A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator"


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Source:  Amir Assadollahi

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