Canadian Politician slams Leni: You can step down, let that tittle be for someone who deserves it.

"Public officials need to also follow the chain of command from their president if they are the Vice President - she is not a member of the ruling government team, and she just needs to be clear about her position - is she the opposition party member to the government or is she in agreement with government - she cannot be Vice President and at the same time find every single opportunity to dig wholes for the government and stab the government from behind to oust the Majority Elected President and plot against him and his government with outsider.

"She needs to support all the devisions of the government publicly, and privately can give the government her opinion - but once she has accepted the tittle of the Vice President and is not willing to let go of that tittle and all the responsibilities and loyalties that comes with it, she cannot and must not say anything negative against the government policies. That is the job of the opposition party Madam, not the Vice President and not anyone who has a seat of power in the ruling administration.

"You CANNOT say you are the Vice President and at the same time go against the President publicly and privately plot to oust him.

"You can step down from your position and let that tittle be for someone who deserves it. You have not done any contribution to the government, and your failed projects and your lack of presence when mostly was needed is a shoe of your irresponsibility, lack of teamwork and a show that you cannot prioritize for your people and put your ambition ahead of your people. 

"I can see all that as a foreign observer, and I am sure your people can see that, too. So, don't act up.

"By: Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator

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