Chinese Government Backs Duterte against Loida and LP ‘oust plot’

In a news conference in Beijing, the Chinese government expressed their support for President Rodrigo Duterte after the alleged plot of former United States ambassador to Manila Philip Goldberg to oust him as a President of the Philippines.

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According to Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, they are confident on Philippine President Duterte’s leadership and continuing to support him.

“As a friendly neighbour to the Philippines, China supports President Duterte’s policies and stands ready to help the Philippines speed up development by deepening bilateral cooperation of mutual benefit,”

“Mr. Duterte was elected that 16th president of the Philippines in last May’s general election. Since taking office, President Duterte has won great support and respect from the Philippine people by launching social reforms, developing the economy, talking crimes and improving people’s livelihood, as what he does is in the interest of the country and the people,” Hua said.

“We believe that President Duterte will lead the Philippines to achieve greater development and prosperity.”

Meanwhile, President Duterte warned those who want to oust him saying he gives them a good fight and they get a bloody nose.

“Those talks of ousting me…probably I’ll give you a good fight, you’ll get a bloody nose,” Duterte said.

But according to Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel, he claimed that “No such blueprint exist” and United States respect the sovereignty of the Philippines.

Even the Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana saying “Hindi totoo yun, Hindi ako naniniwala dun. The US will not do that,” he said.

One of the commentators in ‘Manila Times’ named ‘RANGER’ expressed his own observation about the issue's plotting to oust President Duterte. Read his comment below:

"The americans are good and peace loving, BUT, their goverment seems to feel that they are the master of the universe. even if the state department will say that the plot to oust President Duterte is not true or the report is false, history has it that the state department has seen meddling in the affairs of other countries. Look what they have done to Pres. Noriega of Panama who was their friend. Panama was invaded, Noriega was ousted as president, kidnapped and brought to the US to face trial for drugs. so, there is double standard employed by the state department, the state department is condemning Pres. Duterte against drug but it is right for them to invade which resulted to thousands of people killed and kidnapped Noriega for drugs.

"Goldberg was booted out as ambassador of Bolivia as persona non grata for planning to oust the Bolivian President. This Goldberg has the penchant of meddling in the affairs of government where he is assigned and orchestrate the ouster of the president. To the country where Goldberg is assigned now, do not trust this man Goldberg because for sure you be the next.

"To those involve and part of the plan – the yellow terrorists, yellow medias, oligarchs and elitists, “Mga”dalo for power and fee for a coup group trillanes, think twice because it will be very bloody this time because people will rally behind the President Duterte and you will be the cause of the country’s downfall.

"We support Pres. Duterte in his quest for change and a prosperous and develop Philippines!"


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Source: ManilaTimes 

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