Duterte wants ‘zero tolerance’ against lazy gov’t workers: “Sabihin niyo ako diktador ako. I was chosen by the people to lead.”

President Rodrigo Duterte, in his speech at the launch of a housing project for Typhoon Yolanda victims, he warned the government workers against laziness and mediocrity.

President Duterte said, he will not hesitate to dismiss anyone found to be strolling around during working hours.

“Sabihan niyo ako diktador ako, ‘di diktador na, total I was chosen by the people to lead. If you say that I’m a dictator, eh ‘di a diktador. ‘Di maghintay kayo ng panahon na tamad na naman ang Presidente… not during my time, do not do that,” he said.

The President wants all government employees to work and give the service expected of them by the public.

“pag may nakita kayong taga-gobyerno, national, local na mamamasyal diyan sa hapon, text me and ang akin is zero tolerance. Dismissal talaga. I will insist sa Civil Service. Sabihin ko sa Civil Service, tululong kayo o tumabi kayo diyan,” Duterte said.

“If you cannot impose the penalty that I want, it’s zero tolerance, no second chance, sa lahat. Pati ‘yung, basta sa gobyerno,” Duterte added.


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