Leni ironically wore a $700 pair of shoes while helping typhoon victims

GetRealPhilippines.com shared a photo questioning vice president Leni Robredo for her expensive shoes allegedly worth of $700 while visiting the typhoon-struck victims since she was walking in a muddy road.

Photo from getrealphilippines

Her late husband Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, the ‘Tsinelas’ leadership has always been his trademark. He was a man known for wearing the traditional footwear in order to visit the remote areas.
Some Filipinos questioned Leni for it's sincerity and were not convinced that she possessed the same value like her husband.

After uploaded the photo in social media, the footwear of Leni criticized since it can be seen that needed to walk in a muddy road so a pair of boots would have been more appropriate.

A pro-admin page recalled what was promised of Robredo’s leadership. He said that government officials should be keeping their feet on the ground.

Another netizen named Ren Yna Lavetoria, he recalled the typhoon Ondoy, the actress Angel Locsin even wore a swimsuit underneath her clothes to rescue people.


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Source:  kami.com.ph

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