"1) Georgina Hernandez claims it proves transparency in the OVP. Why, then, did the group change the setting to private after Sass and TP's exposé? It is either the Yahoo!Groups (YG) proves transparency therefore should remain in Public setting or it is private conversations unethically hacked. Which is it, Georgina, for it cannot be both?

"2) Leni Robredo claims she knows nothing about any oust Duterte plot. She attends rallies that chant and brandish placards with anti-Duterte rhetoric and her office releases instructions to attack the president. Of course, she can just be as clueless as she looks (insert picture of trying to flag a bus in the express way). That's giving her the benefit of the doubt.

"3) Loida claims she is only speaking dissent. The series of emails from her explicitly show her efforts to lie about Duterte, derail his campaign, destabilize his administration and illegally fund Robredo's legal defense.

"4) Inday Espina-Varona claims that the exposé on #LeniLeaks is "unethical and unverifiable". The YG was originally set to Public and then archived. Any journalist worth their salt can check the veracity of the information in the article and appreciate that this piece is aboveboard.

"5) Pia Rañada-Robles claims the the YG discuss "ways to defend" Leni. The YG received a detailed blueprint from the OVP on how to lie to the public, attack private citizens and mobilize their online "communities"/troll army.

"6) Pia Rañada-Robles claims Sass Rogando Sasot is an anonymous blogger. The blogger has a public page and profile page with clearly displayed pictures and personal information which includes live videos of herself giving a speech in the UN, graduating and receiving honors and explaining complex international relations concepts in live stream videos and KanTalk. Pia is woefully inept as a journalist and bereft of any research and comprehension skills.

"7) Richard Heydarian claims that it is unlikely that #LeniLeaks is real because YG is passé. Really? That is your two cents in all this? Loida and the rest of her co-conspirators have NOT denied their email exchanges and the existence of the group but are now actively trying to justify their contents. If Heydarian thinks he is too cool for school and that that is proof positive that the exposé is fake, I guess a MA and a published book are not sufficient qualifications to make credible analytical comments.

"Backtracking. Backpedalling. Backstabbing.

"#LeniLeaks has revealed to us how we are being manipulated by politicians, media and academics. The trouble for this merry band of moribund stragglers from the previous regime is that the people they are antagonizing and branding as Dutertards or Duterte trolls are legal, linguistic, political, economic, academic and IT scholars and pundits.

"Your lies, obfuscations and propaganda will no longer be taken with a proverbial grain of salt. We voted for a 6 year Duterte administration and we will fight tooth and nail to keep it running. If you think the campaign season was hostile, you haven't seen anything yet. We are awake and we mean to stay that way."

By: Rocky Gonzales


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