#LeniLeaks Top 3 In Twitter, Mainstream Media Ever Made A Cover Of The Topic!

Thinking Pinoy, in his Facebook Page shared the email exchange of the group were they tackled about their next plan on how to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The #LeniLeaks shared by Thinking Pinoy was circulating in social media and it come up to the top 3 spot in Twitter.

But even if it is top 3 in twitter, the mainstream media ever made a cover of the topic.

Some netizens was frustrated and mad over the bias media, the pro-admin Facebook personalities also shared the said emails and expressed their sentiments.

Natizen Jaime M Tayag said, “Blackout? White-Out? Ay! Yellow, OUT.”

Mark Vinzons said, “gumagawa pa sila ng script nyan, para pag labas sa mainstream media fake news nay an at si leni lugaw na ang biktima, sabay pa presscon!!!”

Meanwhile, well-known writer Krizette Laureta Chu post in her Facebook wall saying that the media outlets were paid to divert the issues.

Read her full post below:

“The Tanga Tangahan School of LP

“#LeniLeaks issue erupts.

“TROLL: Dinidivert nyo lang ang issue na binayaran ni BBM si Mocha ng P300,000.

“Mga tonta. Sobrang engot.

“Kelan naman mas naging importante ang issue na binayaran ng isang politiko ang isang influencer kesa sa traydor-traydoran ang OVP--na binabayaran ko with my tax--kasi the office is in collusion to kick out an elected, well loved leader with journalists and a billionaire?


“Sino actually sa kanila ang nag commit ng crime with a punishable offense? Sagot, trolls.

“'Tragis naman.”

Here's below the screenshot of the trending topic of Twitter today:


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