Marcos camp: Data in ‘unused’ SD cards prove election fraud

According to former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. legal team, the Data found in supposed unused SD cards and vote counting machines (VCMs) in the presidential election last May bolster the election protest of Bongbong.

Lawyer Victor Rodriguez, who serves as the spokesperson of Bonbong said,“This strengthens our position that massive fraud was indeed committed in the last elections because SD cards from unused VCM should be empty. However, we have confirmed today that indeed they have data in them so that bolsters our position,”

“During the decryption, 13 of the 26 SD cards were found to have folders containing data in them. Decryption was still being conducted as of press time,” the camp of Marcos said.

“How can more than 120 SD cards have data in them when they came from VCMs kits that were not used? This is highly questionable. This also supports our contention that the VCMs should be preserved until the election protest is concluded in the PET (Presidential Election Tribunal) because they represent an important aspect in the protest,”

Marcos camp said that they will not give up the election protest “despite the many hurdles thrown their way.”

“Of course we will fight this until the very end because the integrity of the country’s election system is at stake here and we would not stop until we shall have exposed all the fraud and machinations they carried out and continuously carry out until the present,” Rodriguez said.


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