Mo Twister, labels Duterte administration as ‘trapo’ after Mocha appointment at MTRCB

According to radio DJ and TV host Mo Twister, in her Instagram post, he expressed his disappointment to President Rodrigo Duterte after appointment of Mocha Uson as the newest member of Movie and Television Review And Classification Board (MTRCB).

Photo from Hataw Tabloid

He also said in his post that Mocha, along with other celebrities which had already been appointed upon Duterte’s victory in the presidential bid. everything "Looks like the same old sh*t"

Read his full post below:

"Hey Dutertards! What the f*ck? I thought you said when your horse wins that Change is Coming? Looks like the same old sh*t to me. Remember when #DU30 initially won, we all said, "I wonder what government post will be given to Mocha?" We said that because we all understood how government payback works. Help a guy win the election and he repays the person with positions that they have no track record that qualifies them for it. That, or she gives a monster BJ. How many celebs have been appointed na? in August, Mocha said she doesn't need a government position. Even she knew she was gonna get offered by the President. Hahaha tangina, trapo. But I know, I know. The comments section below is gonna be full of "Hey Mo, go to Davao to see the paradise that it is."

Other than Mo, several other celebrities had reacted negatively to Mocha's appointment.


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