Nagpakitang-gilas agad! Leni visits NIA Road fire victims after US trip

From a two-week trip to the United States, VP Leni Robredo has taken the first opportunity to be seen in the public eye.

“Visited the victims of the big fire last week at the NIA Road in Quezon City. 908 families in all, more than 5,000 men, women and children. Many of them were not able to save any of their possessions,” said in her Facebook post.

“The children were still in very high spirits despite the fact that they’ll be going back to school tomorrow with nothing. Their uniforms, schoolbags, school supplies are all gone,” she said.

“The bigger problem: permanent dwellings for them. Something that we will find solutions to. Am no longer HUDCC head but requested them to meet with the families tomorrow,” said the Vice President.

Leni has drawn flak for pushing through with her US trips, but according to her spokesperson, Robreso had coordinated efforts to help typhoon victims.


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