Secret US cables reveal Ninoy Aquino open to supporting Martial Law in 1972

According to Inquirer Today, columnist Ambeth Ocampo wrote that the American diplomat John Forbes reveals some interesting things about his conversation with the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino in a confidential telegram sent to the US State Department.

The confidential telegram sent on the 21st September 1972. According to the report of Forbes, Aquino noted that “rapidly worsening law and order and Communist dissident problems” of the time and economic woes faced by the Marcos government.

In his report he also detailed that Aquino believed “that Marcos must take strong actions in the near future and that these will include martial law”. Aquino said that he would support Marcos’s plan to implement Martial Law.

At the time Aquino “keeping open an option to lead an anti-Marcos revolution in alliance with the Communists.”

More revealing is Aquino’s stated justification for that possible collaboration with the commies; that, at the time, “the possibilities of his becoming head of government by legitimate means [were] quickly diminishing”.

According to Ninoy Aquino, if he were president he would “execute corrupt officials at Luneta as a lesson to other officials that he meant business.”

Ocampa said, “So much of our contemporary history lies waiting to be uncovered in the United States.”

It said that there is more to Philippines history and many other alternative angles to consider.


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